Only in obedience to Jesusobedience can we say we are like him- christ like

Only when we lean to the foundation of christianity which is Jesus Christ can we experience the Grace to have his righteousness that enables us to have a relationship with God… #crossequalslove #finishedworkofcalvary #lookuntoHim #HisCompleteness #HeReigns



I like taking out-door photos just to marvel at the beauty of creation. I guess its all about what you think you see and thats really what makes me take such photos. All think about is the LOVE of …

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Is it really that bad…

Many times i find myself complaining or exaggerating my situations when actually i should be thankful for all that God has done for me really. Im sure God is now tired of that hey. Give thanks at all times its bad enough for other it could be bad also to you, Just give thanks…


I’ve  come to acknowledge Grace in all I do touch and receive. Grace is purely about life being more about God than us in our daily living, when we put God first and rely on him we are justified in sickness, opression and in sin through Christ Jesus.